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Heavy Item Movers – Piano Moving & Appliance Movers

If you are planning to pack and move your household goods on your own, you may have some items that are too difficult to handle without the assistance of an experienced moving company like Pinpoint Movers. Do you need help moving something heavy? For piano moving and appliance moving, Pinpoint Movers has the knowledge and equipment to handle your large items such as pianos and appliances. We are certified movers, and we are licensed and insured.

Whether you are located in Houston, the surrounding Houston area, or anywhere else in the country, we can take care of your specialty-item moving needs. Piano moving is no problem for us. Neither is moving appliances or any large possessions. We can prepare and move your heavy items quickly and professionally. From disconnecting your washer and dryer to reconnecting them at your new home, we do it all. We have earned our valued reputation on Google and with the Better Business Bureau as reliable, highly qualified moving company in the Houston and surrounding Houston area with many years of experience.

Our expert movers will transport cars, motorcycles, kayaks, camper shells, boats, boat trailers and a variety of other large, unwieldy items like hang gliders or canoes anywhere in the United States. We can also transport a large armoire, china cabinet, sofa-bed, exercise station, roll-top desk, garden shed or any other items that need specialized treatment. Why break your back when we can do the job without breaking the bank?

Preparing, loading and unloading heavy items can be backbreaking work. We have special appliance dollies, moving blankets and plenty of muscle to get the job done properly. You do not want to trust your valuable appliances to some moving company who rarely handle such items. You want the best, and customers who have used us in the past come back to us for any subsequent relocation needs.

Our experience as professional Houston, surrounding Houston area movers has taught us that moving heavy belongings involves more than lifting. We will advise you so that you can prepare those items before your moving day. You should defrost your refrigerator and deep freezer. Make sure your lawn mower, ATV or other gas-powered items do not have gas in their tanks.

As members of the Southwest Movers Association, we abide by ethical business practices. We are among the companies recommended by Home Advisor. Some movers are unwilling to do the heavy lifting. At Pinpoint Movers, we do not flinch when asked to move bulky items. If you need help moving your larger possessions, contact us at 281-994-7013. We can give you an estimate that will save you time, money and the rigors of handling cumbersome pieces safely.

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