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             Do you need packing supplies for your residential or commercial move? At Pinpoint Movers we carry packing and moving supplies for your relocation. Packing is an important, labor intensive task that will have a direct bearing on the success of your move. With the right supplies, your packing will be easier and more effective. We offer moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and packing paper at low prices.

             We have small, medium, large or extra-large boxes for your Houston area moving and packing convenience. For special jobs, you can hang your clothing in our wardrobe boxes. Dishes and glassware will be safe and snug in our dish packing box. Fragile items like framed pictures and mirrors get extra protection from our picture/mirror boxes.

             Before you finish packing your boxes for Pinpoint Movers, you will want to protect the contents even further with wrapping paper that has a variety of uses. Stuff some in the corners of your boxes to prevent the contents from sliding. Use it to wrap dishes and glasses. When you close the box, you should have a nice, tight fit. If the lid closes with no resistance, add more packing paper to compact the contents securely. The most common reason items break during a move is because they slide around in the box. Generous use of wrapping paper will prevent that from occurring.

             Bubble wrap is the king of packing supplies. It has numerous uses. It comes in two sizes. The small bubbles measure three-sixteenth of an inch. It is terrific for protecting small crystal glasses, fine china, small bric-a-brac and fragile vases that need to be form-fitted. It occupies less space in the box than the half-inch bubble wrap. This larger wrap is great for items like mirrors, artwork in expensive frames, large cocktail glasses, pitchers, mixers, food processors and other miscellaneous kitchen appliances. If you are wrapping items made with lacquered wood, wrap them in packing paper before you put on the bubble wrap. The bubbles might mar the finish if they are in contact with the wood for a lengthy period. We have bubble wrap in widths from 1 to 4 feet.

             If bubble wrap is the king of packing supplies, acrylic tape is queen. It comes in two-inch-wide rolls with lengths of 55 or 110 yards. A tape gun makes applying the tape easy. Your Houston moving company professionals recommend a thickness of 1.8 mil or more so that the tape does not crack or split.

             If you plan to do your own packing, call Pinpoint Movers at 281-994-7013 for your supplies. The right tools make any job go easier, and moving is no different.

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